30 Creative and Stunning Water Features to Adorn Your Garden

Running water has a calming effect, doesn’t it? I’m not quite sure why we find that sound to be tranquil and relaxing, but I’m pretty sure that practically the entire world population feels the soothing effects.  Whether you opt for buying an affordable premade fountain or decide to build your own, you’re bound to get some great inspiration from these gorgeous features that highlight nature’s most important element.

Light-Up Pot Fountain

To Buy: Light-Up Pot Fountain
This beautiful feature is made from polyresin and fiberglass, so although you can keep it indoors, it’ll be safe for outdoor use, too. I just love the LED lights that add to the sensory experience! This product has a very simple setup, so once delivered, you’ll have it up and flowing in no time.

Available on Amazon.com here Pots Water Fountain with Led Light

Bowl Fountain

Bowl Fountain
This isn’t just a water fountain, it’s a piece of modern art! This gorgeous sculpture can really add to any outdoor space. Although the materials used are of good quality, this realistic-looking fountain should be sheltered from bad weather conditions during the cold winter.

Available on Amazon.com here Alfresco Home Rocca Resin Fountain, Brown

To Buy: Venetian Wall Fountain

To Buy: Venetian Wall Fountain
This Venetian wall fountain looks like it’s made from heavy stone, but it’s actually made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass. It can be mounted on any wall, so getting it set up will hardly take up any time or effort. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and buy something really pretty instead of going the DIY route.

Available on Amazon.com here Sunnydaze Venetian Outdoor Wall Fountain

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