25 Top Garden Stepping Stone Ideas For A Beautiful Walkway

I love my garden. When it’s warm outside, I like nothing more than to sit outdoors all day and halfway through the night. Which got me thinking about ways to make my garden area, and my entire landscaping, look better. I have always wanted to add a lovely walkway up to my porch and throughout my flower garden, mostly so that I won’t step on my flowers when I’m out there. So, I found 25 beautiful and creative new stepping stones that you can create for your own yard and garden. These are all lovely stones that can be easily made from things that you may already have on hand, so they’re as cheap as they are beautiful.

They will definitely add beauty to your outdoors. They will also go beautifully with some of the DIY garden stepping stones in this list. From leaf imprinted stones to mosaics using old broken dishes and china, there is a way for you to create gorgeous stones that are sure to complement your home and garden area. The only problem you may have is deciding which of these stones your favorite is.

From heart shapes to faux brick and a number of other styles, there is definitely a stepping stone in here that will meet your decorating needs. Stepping stones can be expensive if you buy them at home improvement stores and especially if you want something other than the plain boring cement stones that you see everywhere. The stones in this list are far from boring and give you the option to customize them.

So, if you’re ready to add some style to your outdoor living spaces, you just have to check out these amazing garden stepping stones. Grab some cement, or not – some of these don’t even use cement – and let’s get started making some amazing walkway stones to spruce up your outdoors. I know you’re going to love these stones as much as I do and I can’t wait to hear which ones you made.

1. Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones

Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones
These leaf imprinted stones are perfect for fall gardens. Well, they’re perfect for any time of year actually. You just make the stones from cement and while the cement is still wet, use a leaf from your favorite garden plant to imprint the stones. These are so easy and so beautiful.Source/Tutorial: gardentherapy

2. Wooden Board Stepping Stones

Wooden Board Stepping Stones
Okay, so boards are not actually stones, but they do make for a gorgeous walkway. Just take some old boards, repurposing works well here, and lay out your walkway. Then fill in around them with small river rocks or pea gravel and you’ve got a beautiful walking path that will instantly perk up your landscaping.Source/Tutorial: flickr.com

3. Brick Look Heart Shaped Stepping Stones

Brick Look Heart Shaped Stepping Stones
These brick look stones are simply wonderful and their heart shapes just add to their charm. These are so easy to make and you don’t need any actual bricks to create them. You’ll create the brick look with paint. These are perfect for adding a loving touch to your garden or they would look just as gorgeous lining the walkway to the front door.Source/Tutorial: hometalk

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