20 Charming And Cheap Mini Water Garden Ideas For Your Home And Garden

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to work on my landscaping. Whether I’m planting flowers or involved in a huge DIY garden project, I just love being outside and improving my outdoor living spaces. Plus, you know that the more work you put into your outdoors, the higher your curb appeal, right? If you ever decide to sell your home, anything you do outside can seriously help you to increase your listing price. So with that said, I wanted to share with you these 25 charming little mini water gardens that you can make to spruce up your outdoors – or even your indoors if you prefer.

I love the water, which is why I adore any type of water feature. These little water gardens are so perfect for adding a decorative touch to your patio or they’re also great for the yard. And, they’re the perfect water feature for smaller yards that just don’t have the space for full sized ponds. The great thing about these little gardens is they are very cheap to make and you can use a lot of recycled or otherwise repurposed things to make them.

I love having a large garden area but I fully understand that not everyone has the space for full sized gardens and water features. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add some beauty where you do have space, though, and these 20 mini water gardens are the perfect touch. Some of these can easily be placed indoors, too which gives you a wonderful home décor idea. Some of them can even hold fish! Now, if you don’t have a large garden area and you want to add a gorgeous water feature, this is definitely the list of ideas you need to see.

Now that I have you all excited to add some beautiful water gardens to your life, let’s take a look at these amazing ideas. You can make many of these with things that you probably already have around the house, which makes them even better. Take a look and as always, let me know which one is your favorite. I can’t wait to hear how you’ve beautified your outdoors with a mini water garden!

1. Wine Barrel Mini Pond

Wine Barrel Mini Pond
A wine barrel cut in half makes a gorgeous mini pond and gives your deck or garden area a lovely rustic look. You can find wine barrels at a lot of flea markets and thrift stores – or a winery if you have one close. Just cut it in half and then add your garden essentials to customize it.Source/Tutotial: scapeclub

Goldfish pond tutorial:

2. Tabletop Rock Mini Garden

Tabletop Rock Mini Garden
This tabletop water garden is made from a ceramic bowl and has lovely rocks to give it dimension and character. You can easily set one of these up, with or without the mini fountain, and just add your favorite water plants to give it greenery. You can find this one on Etsy for under $50 if you don’t feel like making one yourself.Source/Tutotial: etsy.com

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