30 Brilliantly Easy DIY Fire Pits To Enhance Your Outdoors

Your outdoor living spaces are much more important than you may think. When the weather turns warmer, you may find yourself longing to sit outdoors and just soak in the wonderful warmth. Even on colder evenings, it’s great to be able to sit outside and enjoy the nighttime. If you have never considered your outdoors and what you can do to make them better, now is the time. This great collection is sure to have the right backyard barbecue idea for you.

Fire pits are my favorite outdoor accessory. When the weather turns cooler in the fall, I just love sitting outside by a roaring fire and relaxing. During the summer months when nights are really warm, I adore sitting by my fire pit with an iced drink just talking the night away with friends. If you don’t have such a luxury in your backyard, don’t worry. You can easily build one and I’ve found 30 different DIY fire pits that are sure to bring warmth and relaxation to your landscaping.

A fire pit can definitely light up your outdoors. Friends and family will love stopping by to sit around the fire and share stories and laughs. They’re also great when you grill out and they offer such an ambiance that you just can’t get indoors.

Most of these require materials that you may already have on hand, making them very inexpensive. Even if you have to purchase a few materials, these DIY fire pits are certainly going to be less expensive than buying one, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you built it all by yourself. I love using mine for cooking during the warmer months.barbecue grill.

If you have been looking for a way to upgrade your backyard and make it better, a fire pit is definitely the right way to go, and you are going to love these designs that I’ve found. Get ready for summer by upgrading your outdoor living spaces. I promise that people are going to be flocking to your house for a warm and inviting evening – no matter what the weather looks like.

1. Cheap And Simple Rock Bowl Fire Pit

Cheap And Simple Rock Bowl Fire Pit
This is a smaller take on the traditional fire pit, and it’s perfect for smaller yards or patios. You use quickset concrete to create a bowl which will house the fire pit. Then you’ll need rocks – maybe river rocks or even rocks that you dig up out of your garden – as well as a chafing dish gel fuel pack, and a few other supplies. Use a large can to make the hole in your concrete bowl, which is where you will put the flame. I love how simple this is and it’s small so it is completely portable.Tutorial: b3hd

2. DIY Glass Top Fire Pit Table

DIY Glass Top Fire Pit Table
Maybe you prefer something more modern when it comes to your fire pit. This glass top fire table is perfect for your patio, and is just beautiful when it is completed. The base of the table serves to hide the propane tank which fuels the fire. I positively love the tiles on top of the table, but you could forgo those if you wanted. This is the perfect choice if you don’t have much of a backyard but still want that cozy fire to sit around at night.Tutorial: moderustic

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