10 Amazing Places to Visit in Latin America

These hot spots are worth considering for your next trip to Latin America. Snorkel the world’s second largest reef in Belize, cycle across salt flats in Bolivia, or connect with a Quechuan family in Ecuador.


During BikeHike Adventures’ 11-day “Cycling the Bolivian Salt Flats and Hiking the Amazon” tour, you’ll pedal across the Salar de Uyuni salt flats before bedding down in a hotel made almost entirely of salt. Then build a balsa-wood raft to take yourself down the Amazon (don’t worry, your indigenous guide will help). “We also bike to the spot where, according to local legend, the last train robbed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid sits,” says BikeHike owner Trish Sare. “It’s full of bullet holes!”


Chef Ferran Adrià has said the Amazon is “the last great undiscovered culinary frontier.” On Culture Xplorers’ custom “Marajó to São Paulo” tour, you’ll appreciate Amazonian cuisine’s complexity at South America’s largest outdoor market, in Belém. Then board a boat plying the Guamá River to collect cacao. Along the way, restaurateurs, scientists, farmers, and innovators help demonstrate the importance of a healthy ecosystem to protect crops such as the superberry acai.

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