7 Heart-Racing Hawaiian Adventures for Two

Explore the State Parks
Island: Kauai

Who says you can’t find love in a pair of hiking boots? Trade your long walks on the beach for epic journeys in the forest, and it will be easy to get some space for yourselves. Travel inland to one of the island’s stunning state parks, and you’ll find an array of hiking trails, from simple lookout strolls to challenging treks through the rainforest.

On the west side, Kokee State Park offers tent camping sites, a difficult trail through the Alakai Swamp, and an easy walk along the Kawaikoi Stream. Just south of Kokee, Waimea Canyon State Park provides visitors perfect lookout points over the vast, colorful gorge from which the park gets its name. Take the Kukui Trail from the eight-mile marker down over 2,000 feet to the canyon floor to find a camp site at the state-run Wiliwili Campground.

On the east side of the island, you’ll find waterfalls, a massive fern-lined cave, and plenty of heiau, or ancient places of worship, at the Wailua River State Park. Pick your aquatic vessel of choice—kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or speedboat—and glide up or down the river, stopping along the way to hike to Wailua Falls.

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