10 Best Backpacking Hammocks of 2018

You know who’s a backcountry baller? That guy kicking back in a hammock by a pristine alpine lake with a pint of whiskey and some chocolate-covered toffee. That’s dude’s an evil genius.

Well now you can be that evil genius! We’ll provide the hammock recommendations, but you’ll have to figure out the whiskey, chocolate, and world domination on your own.


These hammocks are excellent for day-use on any adventure. If you feel really comfortable in them, you could always get an aftermarket bug net and tarp to make them suitable for sleeping. But first and foremost, these hammocks are light, highly packable, and great for chilling anywhere.

Hummingbird Single

WEIGHT: 5.2 oz

DIMENSIONS: 104 x 47 in

MAX WEIGHT: 300 lb

The Hummingbird Single is incredibly light and small, making it an excellent choice for anyone with an active lifestyle. Hummingbird Hammocks are designed by an FAA certified parachute rigger, so they really know their stuff. They utilize the lightest materials and designs to keep their hammocks as light, packable, and comfortable as possible.

We prefer the Hummingbird Single (5.2 oz) because we like to hike light. The Hummingbird Single+ (7.6 oz) is longer and wider (116 x 63 in) for increased comfort. The Hummingbird Double (10.2 oz) is an ultralight hammock large enough to fit two (116 x 85 in).

Hummingbird Ultralight Tree Straps (2.1 oz) are also the lightest straps we’ve found and they work great. They’re adjustable, quick to setup, and built to hold up to 400 lb. There are no tree straps included with Hummingbird Hammocks, so make sure to pick these up or check out our other strap recommendations below.

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