10 INSANE Marvel & DC Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE!

Peter Parker Was In Iron Man 2

Though the rights to Spider-Man belonged to Sony in 2010, Marvel may have figured out a way to secretly include him in Iron Man 2. After watching Civil War, which came out this year, it is very clear that Peter Parker is Tony Stark’s number one fan. Tony was easily able to convince Peter to join his side despite the fact that they barely knew each other. What if this wasn’t the first time Peter met Tony? According to a fan theory, Peter made his first appearance in the MCU when he was only ten years old. Remember that boy who appeared in the climactic fight scene from Iron Man 2? Well, there’s a possibility that young boy might be Peter because he was willing to do anything to help his hero in battle. Also, it may or may not be a coincidence that the finale of Iron Man 2 takes place at the Stark Expo in Queens New York, which just happens to be the hometown of Spider-Man.

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