5 Best Places in the World to Learn to Surf

O’ahu, Hawaii


The modern birthplace of surfing has to be on the list right? Hawaii is the iconic surf destination that has it all. On the island of O’ahu, you’ll find plenty of infrastructure, amazing surf instruction, and small, easy waves to practice your surf skills on the south shore.

As a large island chain sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii gets waves from all directions year-round depending on what part of the coastline you’re on. The winter months from November–February is when the famous “north shore” of Hawaii starts producing some of the best waves on the planet. The north shore is where “Pipeline”, one of the most renowned waves in the world, takes place.

Pipeline is a thunderous reef break that’s probably one the most dangerous waves you can surf. The wave violently breaks on a very shallow reef that’s only steps away from the beach, making it one of the most advanced waves out there.

But take a short drive 40-miles south to Waikiki Beach, which is located on the south shore of O’ahu and you have one of the best waves to learn to surf. Here you’ll find a slow-rolling, easy break perfect for beginners.

Hawaii has everything from huge, experts-only beach breaks to mellow, beginner-friendly breaks.

When to go:

There are waves year-round in Hawaii. If you want watch all the action on the “north shore”, December to March is the best time to visit. The waves will be small on the south shore during that time of year, so there will be plenty of waves to ride.

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