5 Best Places in the World to Learn to Surf

San Diego, CA


Claiming to be the surf capital of the USA, San Diego has some of the best waves in the United States. While the water temperature is not tropical like Hawaii or Costa Rica, San Diego does enjoy a few months of warmer water towards the end of summer and into early fall.

In San Diego, you’ll find some of the best surf instruction in the world. Go into any surf shop there and get ready to learn everything you ever need to learn about surfing. Of course, surfing in San Diego is very accessible, and care is not far away if something were to happen.

It seems like just about everyone you meet in San Diego surfs so don’t expect to have any empty waves. The beaches are crowded and weekend traffic can be problematic.

When To Go:

End of summer, early fall. For those who are just learning to surf, August to November is a great time to go as the water temperatures will be warmer and waves a little smaller than normal. San Diego’s main surf season is between November to March when the big winter storms produce big waves for the entire California coast.

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