16 Conspiracy Theories That Will Change The Way You See Cartoons Forever

While most of us love the mythical worlds built by our favorite movie and TV shows. We understand that the fictional universe isn’t set in stone, that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes will never know. Here are conspiracy theories that will either fill in the blanks, or ruin your childhood forever. I’m not claiming that any of these theories are facts or confirmed but simply bring light to the ideas out there and share them with you.

 Perspective in “Courage the Cowardly” Dog Theory

While most of us jumped in fear at the sight of the monsters when we were little, if we were to watch them now then the most they’d get out of us would be an eye roll. This theory is not only satisfying but it’s not creepy in the slightest. This theory states that all the monsters don’t actually exist but just the way Courage views strangers. In addition, he doesn’t live in the middle of nowhere but he lives with an elderly couple so they can’t take him on walks. This would also explain why Eustace forgets what happens to Courage every episode, because nothing is wrong. If that wasn’t exciting enough for you, there are whole other theories behind “Courage the Cowardly Dog”.

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