Evidence of a Conspiracy Against DC?

The rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel Comics stretches back decades. Stan Lee intentionally fomented fan sentiment against what he referred to as the “distinguished competition” from the earliest days of the Marvel brand, and to great success.

The rivalry between their modern media counterparts, DC Entertainment and Marvel Studios, is still in its early days, but the battle has heated up to a fever pitch this spring with the back-to-back releases of DC’s Batman V Superman and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

It seemed that Marvel had won that particular battle before it even began, with the flood of negative reviews which cascaded across the internet in the days immediately following the release of Batman V Superman. There were, of course, spurious accusations that Disney (the parent company of Marvel Studios) was “paying critics”, with some fans even going so far as to launch a Change.org petition to prevent the House of Mouse from doing just that. These accusations lacked the critical component, however: evidence.

Yesterday, in the Comic Book Nerds Are Hot group on Facebook, poster Glen Barnhart dropped the following image in a conversation which appears to provide the first piece of solid evidence that there is an organized effort to generate negative fan perception of the DC Entertainment brand.

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