The 11 Best G-Shock Watches of 2018

Any person with an active lifestyle will benefit from a capable watch from the famous G-shock line made by Casio. These watches are created to resist tougher environments and the more advanced models come with essential features for any adventurer who needs a dependable watch. A simple search for G-shock watches will provide a huge selection of models, some of them only differing by a few design details or particular features. You might also be interested in our articles about the best atomic watch and the best solar watches.

To be able to make some sense from the complicated market of these watches, it’s pretty much mandatory to do some serious research. Several factors need to be considered because some G-shocks represent considerable investments so you wouldn’t want to make a poor decision. Let’s take a look at what you need to evaluate when comparing different G-shock watches.

1. How you’re going to use it

A G-shock watch fits well those demanding users who want an efficient watch that they know they can count on during harsh conditions. If you have a particular budget in mind, the next step is to better understand what you need the watch for. There’s a solid range of G-shocks out there, some are perfect for sports and similar activities, others are suitable for the military or jet pilots but there are also more basic models that can be worn by people who just want a stylish and reliable watch without any extra features.

2. Form factor and design

Watches vary in sizes and shapes. G-shocks usually range between small to extra large but there are other design elements that you need to take into consideration. Some offer analog or digital displays and more complex models provide a combination. The material of the strap can be a deciding factor for many because steel bands are quite different from resin variants. An aspect that contributes to a watch’s design is the presence of sensors like the ones for temperature or altitude which will affect the shape of the timepiece.

3. Limited edition units

This is only relevant for collectors or die-hard fans of G-shock watches but it can be considered fairly important to watch out for limited edition watches. Casio will release some models that appeal to collectors as they are more difficult to find and have certain qualities that make them stand out.

If you want to save some time with the research part, it’s worth checking out the following list. In it, you will discover the most interesting watches from the Casio’s G-shock line, the models that turned out to be the best in their respective price brackets.

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