The 7 ​Best Hiking Trails in the World that you should try at least once

Kungsleden (King’s Trail) – Sweden

The King’s Trail is Sweden’s legendary 275-mile gateway into Western Europe’s last great wilderness, making it one of the best treks in Europe. The trail begins 100 miles inside the Arctic Circle, and would take between 4 days to a week to complete. Due to multiple entry and exit points along the trail, you have the option of hiking for only short segments of the trail.

The trail winds through Birch forests and offers views of the open tundra and huge glaciers, with low angle lighting that’s sure bring a tear to your eye due to the overwhelming vastness and beauty of the “far north”.

The trail is scattered with huts set up by the Swedish Tourist Association, and fully stocked. If you want a more leisurely hike you can spend a day hiking and stop at a hut, the distance between each hut is about 13 – 21Km (8 – 13 Miles), or you can skip some of the huts and continue on your hike, and camp along the way.

The trail is busiest in August as it is holiday season for Europeans, however if you are looking for a more solitary experience go in September, less people and less bugs! Besides, you may be greeted by the Nordic wilderness’s famous residents – the reindeer.

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