The Best Surfing Spots in the World

Huntington Beach, California

Set in Orange County, Huntington Beach is often known simply as “Surf City, CA” for its ability to draw surfers from around the world. Though crowds descend on Huntington, especially during warmer months, the miles of highly surfable beach give visitors plenty of room to spread out. Pro tip: Hit it in the winter if you’re looking to avoid the droves.

Mavericks Beach, California

Big-wave surfers flock to Mavericks near Half Moon Bay each winter to surf the U-shaped wavefront. The strong waves can swell to massive heights—not for the novice surfer or the faint of heart. But for those chasing the ride of a lifetime, Mavericks is the spot. The area is also home to the invite-only surf competition, Titans of Mavericks.

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