The World’s 10 Best Places to Learn to Surf

Hawaii, USA

Surfing in Hawaii

Babies practically enter the world in wetsuits here. Surfing is the Hawaiian way of life and with so many board masters around, it’d be silly not to take advantage.

Most of the islands have at least one spot to catch a good wave although Oahu, home to Honolulu, has the most. For beginners, Waikiki Beach is the best place to go for lessons. If you already know your pump from your pop-up, go to the glimmering shores of Diamond Head.

When you’re struggling to catch a break and need a little surf inspiration, sit out over the Banzai pipeline and watch some of the world’s best ride the monster waves. If you’re planning on going surfing in Hawaii I’d also recommend you watch the film ‘Surf’s Up’ – those little penguins make me want to book a ticket immediately.

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